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2009-07-08 22:21:12 by Blind-Bass

Alright! So in the process of maiing the song im pretty sure Drew and Zaq forgot about this so im gonna release a demo and we'll get started on the vocals and remastering to be added. This is only a demo so don't worry it will be a thousand times better!!! look forward to that and in the mean time check out the demo!

New Member!

2009-06-05 21:17:32 by Blind-Bass

Hey guys we just got a new member. Drew is our new member so now its zaq, connor, and drew. We will now able to make songs alot faster and we have 1 coming out in a few days to a week. It will have vocals eventually, but that will take a lot longer. Also we will be making a bunch of songs over the summer.

Get ready for s'more!!

2009-03-09 16:29:59 by Blind-Bass

We're on a bit of a hiatus right now because of our real band, lol. Things are busy, but we're really excited to work on new material over Spring Break, which is in 2 to 3 weeks. Expect a bunch of new songs coming soon!!


2009-02-16 19:16:23 by Blind-Bass

Alright so we are in the middle of a song right now, and are hoping to get it done very soon. Also coming up we are going to trying making more of a hypno song, and were gonna have our friend drew rap to it. Well see if that turns out good enough to be posted though. Thanks for checking us out and keep an eye out for more submissions. Thanks


2009-01-17 19:47:12 by Blind-Bass

Hey Guys, a new author here. We're actually a band, composed of two people. Zaq and me, Connor. We just recently made our first song together and decided that we wanted to keep making songs. So check out our music and we will hopefully be posting more soon!

Enjoy our music!